Total tranquillity

Relaxation is more easily found in silence.

Our relaxation room and the large garden give you those quiet moments that are far too often missing in everyday life. Let your mind wander on comfortable water beds and sun loungers. The view of Ortisei is clear and the mountains of the Dolomites rise majestically on the not too distant horizon.

After the massage, after the sauna, after the hike or the day of skiing: a detour to the relaxation room or garden is always worthwhile. Ortisei is at your feet and the rocks of the Dolomites are within your reach.

A room full of peace

You will find peace and quiet where you have space to let your mind wander. In the spacious relaxation room you can gently rock on water beds and sink into your favourite book - as long as you manage not to be distracted by the panorama.

Panoramic natural paradise

Comfortable loungers, the scent of a mountain meadow, the blue sky with cotton wool-like clouds coming together in ever-changing patterns - in summer, the large hotel garden is a magnet for everyone who longs for peace and a sense of deceleration. It's best to briefly close your eyes every now and then to just listen to your breathing and the sounds of nature.

Wellness wishes come true


In good hands


Warmth and wide views

Mountain Pool

Floating into happiness