A sense of lightness that lasts

Your haven of peace, high above the rooftops of Ortisei.

Just as water turns to gentle steam in the warmth, your heart also becomes light. Our Mountain Pool is the perfect place to experience a sense of weightlessness, far removed from the cares of the day. The indoor access takes you comfortably outside, where the warming water at around 30 degrees and the village and Dolomite panorama merge to create a unique feel-good experience.

The Mountain Pool can be used by our room and apartment guests. Disconnected from everything, you float through the soothing water and emerge feeling refreshed and balanced.

Towards the horizon

Are you more of an early riser who likes to bask in the first rays of sunshine? Or the connoisseur who dives into the water after a day in the mountains or skiing? Our Mountain Pool provides moments of pure happiness at any time. The sparkling of the snow-covered landscape in the winter sun and the sea of lights of Ortisei in the evening hours remain unforgettable.

Wellness wishes come true


Warmth and wide views

Relaxation room & garden

View of tranquility


In good hands