Relaxation is in the air

Get out of your bathrobe and into a sense of well-being.

Sweat in hot Finnish temperatures or feel the fragrant steam on your skin. A sauna session like this - whether it's hot or very gentle - is a real treat. Discover your personal hot favourite at our spa hotel in Ortisei.

Finnish sauna
Sweat with a view of Ortisei

While you breathe in the 95 °C hot air, your gaze wanders over the Dolomite village. A visit to our Finnish sauna is not only a treat for the eyes, but above all for your immune system. The alternating between warmth and cooling down in the fresh air area or through cold showers promotes blood circulation and strengthens the body's own defences.

Turkish bath
Full steam ahead for relaxation

A visit to the Turkish bath moisturises and purifies your skin, and acts like a soothing balm for the respiratory tract. Thanks to the pleasant temperature of 45 °C and humidity of 90%, the steam bath strengthens the circulation and at the same time dissolves any everyday tension in no time.

Infrared cabin
Revives tired limbs

It's almost like magic: all you need to do is sit still for a few minutes, and already you feel revitalised and as if reborn. This deep and soothing warmth is like a miracle cure, especially after a few active hours in the mountains.

Wellness wishes come true

Mountain Pool

Floating into happiness


In good hands

Relaxation room & garden

View of tranquility