A real family affair

Always present, but never intrusive.

The Rainell has been in the hands of the Mahlknecht family for almost 100 years. It has been passed on from generation to generation, expanded, renewed and improved. What is still the same today is the passion with which Georg, Ulrike, Lisa, Alan and Diego are hosts. Everyone does what they do best and what they love to do. And they all work together in harmony.

We live for what we do. For us, hospitality and attention are not an extra, but rather the common thread that runs through your entire holiday, from the first contact to departure.

Mahlknecht family: five hosts, one passion

Georg was born into the family business and along with Ulrike, is the third generation to run the Rainell. He is a certified hiking guide, weatherman, first point of contact for holiday tips and is always good for a joke. Ulrike, on the other hand, lovingly takes care of the furnishings, knows all the trends and ensures that guests discover new details with every visit. Lisa, the hostess and eldest daughter, scales the surrounding peaks on foot or on skis and, as a certified hiking guide and ski instructor, keeps both the family and the guests on their toes. Son Alan is the thinker in the family and can be found in the office at all hours. He gives guests secret hiking and skiing tips and takes care of everything that goes on in the background. Diego, the youngest of the siblings also has a hand in everything: in the dining room when waiting tables, at the bar when filling drinks and at the reception when welcoming guests.

From the "Ravanel Hof" to the "Rainell"

Our family has been pulling the strings at the Rainell since 1927 - when great-grandfather Josef Senior transformed his ancestral home into a guesthouse. But the history of the house goes back much further. The “Ravanel” was already inhabited in 1420 as a tavern. Even back then, many people from Val Gardena are said to have found their way up the short route on sunny Sundays. The views over the village of Ortisei and the mountains was a special experience for the simple residents of the valley. Over the centuries, as the tavern and holding grew, the name also changed, from Ravanel to Rafinell to Rainell. People still laugh today about whether the “f” was forgotten when it was entered in the land register. Either way: The “Rainell” became the epitome of a holiday away from the hustle and bustle. What was once a residential house with Ladin design eventually became a hotel with all the comforts, which now enjoys an international reputation.

Holiday wishes come true


For the love of nature


With hand and heart

Prime location

In the main village of Val Gardena