Mountain Pool

When you stay at Hotel Rainell you will not need to choose between having a relaxing swim or enjoying our spectacular mountain setting. Our Mountain Pool area features a c-shaped indoor pool and it is located to offer panoramic views over Ortisei and our beautiful valley.

Relax Zone

At our dedicated Relax Zone we have elevated relaxation to an art. This spacious area is equipped with large and ultra-comfortable water beds, soft lighting, and ergonomically designed loungers to guarantee a restful relaxation session. Scenic views to Ortisei are complimentary!

Sauna area

Our new sauna area features everything you need to leave stress behind: private rest areas, beautiful interiors, and a choice of treatments to suit every mood. Try our traditional sauna or steam room for a powerful detox experience or enjoy a soothing infrared sauna session.


Come enjoy the fresh mountain air of the Dolomites at our beautifully landscaped garden. This large outdoor area features comfortable deck chairs, shaded areas, and plenty of greenery. It's the best spot to admire the unrivalled natural beauty of our location.

Wellness and relaxation

Vacation means both exercise and relaxation. Take advantage of our extensive leisure sports and activity program. Take the time to relax and revitalise in our Alpine sauna oasis.